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12th Issue of MAITWire Newsletter

NINE PILLARS -  eGovernance

Points for deliberations

  • NeGP to Digital India – reorienting existing MMPs and designing new projects
  • Government Process Reengineering (GPR) – the basic tenets for G2C services
  • Integrated databases – single record for single citizen
  • Public Procurement of ICT – standardization of the procedures and processes
  • Online System for Cross-Departmental Grievance Redressal

Targets & Expectations

  • Government Process Reengineering using IT to improve transactions
  • Coordinated action on:
  • Form Simplification, reduction
  • Online applications and tracking, Interface between departments
  • Use of online repositories
  • Integration of services and platforms – UIDAI, Payment Gateway, Mobile Platform, EDI
  • Electronic Databases – all databases and information to be electronic, not manual
  • Workflow automation inside government
  • Public Grievance Redressal using IT (to automate, respond, analyze and resolve persistent problems)

Progress so far

          Not Known




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