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12th Issue of MAITWire Newsletter


Targets & Expectations

  • e-Education: all Schools connected with broadband; free Wi-Fi in all schools; Digital Literacy program; MOOCs
  • e-Healthcare: online medical consultation; online medical records; online medicine supply; pan-India exchange for patient data
  • Technology for Planning: GIS based decision making; National GIS Mission Mode Project
  • Technology for Farmers: real-time price information; online ordering of inputs; online cash, loan, relief payment with m-banking
  • Technology for Financial Inclusion: Mobile Banking; Micro-ATM program
  • Technology for Justice: e-Courts, e-Police, e-Jails, e-Prosecution



Progress so far

Not Known



Points for deliberations

  • e-Education: MOOCs and how they can be made more popular
  • e-Health: integrating various disparate systems that exist in Healthcare sector and automating the Public Healthcare Infrastructure
  • GIS: Nationwide GIS Ecosystem
  • Technology for Farmers: e-Mandi
  • Financial Inclusion: Mobile Money



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