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12th Issue of MAITWire Newsletter


Targets & Expectations

  • Impart training to 1 Crore students in smaller towns & villages for IT sector jobs over next 5 years (with an outlay of Rs. 200 Crore for weaker sections)
  • Setting up of BPOs and KPOs in North-Eastern States (to fuel ICT-enabled growth)
  • Impart training to 3 Lakh Service Delivery Agents to run viable businesses delivering IT services over next 2 years
  • Telecom service providers to train 5 Lakh rural workforce to cater to their own needs over next 5 years



Progress so far

Not Known



Points for deliberations

  • Creating a “Hub, Sub-Hub & Scope Model” to extend IT training facilities across India
  • Making BPOs viable in North-East – what can be the options and how Private Sector can participate & assist
  • Designing a basket of services which can be viably and profitably provided by Service Delivery Agents



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