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12th Issue of MAITWire Newsletter

DIAG Purpose & Structure

DIAG will provide thought leadership for enriching and accelerating the implementation of Digital India across the country. It will also provide strategic inputs to various committees and teams that will be constituted under the aegis of Digital India by the Prime Minister's Office (PMO), Deity and other goverment departments and ministries.


MAIT is best suited to support and complement the efforts of DeitY in implementing Digital India as it has a vast knowledge base from across the IT ecosystem, which can prove to be a game changer for this ambitious program.


The DIAG will be organized into five teams:


Envisioning Team: It will provide overall guidance to DIAG and also act as the face of the program. It will have representation from the political leadership, senior officers of the government, industry leaders and eminent personalities from the media, academia, science and technology


Knowledge secretariat: it will assist the Envisioning Team and the three workgroups by providing relevant data, carrying out research and analysis to support ideation on various initiatives, and compiling the recommenddations of DIAG in the form of white papers and reports.


Digital Infrastructure Workgroup: This group will ideate on initiatives under the first pillar of Digital India -creation of suitable IT infrastructure. It will have representation from internet service providers (ISPS), network companies, IT hardware companies and consulting firms, among others.


Digital Governance Workgroup: This workgroup will ideate on initiatives under the second pillar of Digital India-reforming governance through IT. it will have representation from social media companies, IT solutions companies, consulting firms and government reform experts, among others.


Digital Empowerment Workgroup: This group will ideate on initiatives under the third pillar of Digital India-empowering pepole to benefit from IT. It will have representation from e-content providers IT training providers IT hardware companies , original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), academia and industry experts, among others.




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